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The Carva: First Impressions
by Stand Up And Ride

The Carva is finally here and the emails have already been pouring in asking the big question. Which one is better, the Carva or the Streetstrider. This is the first time that I've had two machines that are really going head to head with how they ride, what they deliver, and how they perform. I don't want to disappoint so I will address the battle that is Streetstrider vs. Carva but I will do it in several separate posts. For now, I want to give Carva the spotlight as I do for everyone, and talk about my first impression of it.
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Grabtown, Inc. a Sunnyvale, CA based company has started to market their new "elliptical crosstrainer" on wheels named Carva™ so you can move your elliptical workout outdoors! Carva is not only a full body workout, but it is easy, fun and exciting. Please visit us at to see Carva in action and order one today.