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What does the Carva weigh?
Depending on the model, the Carva weighs between 40-60 pounds.

What is the Carva's weight limit?
We recommend the rider not exceed 275 pounds.

What are the Carva's dimensions?
The Carva's wheelbase = 47 inches; track = 28 inches (fits through standard 32" doorways); overall length = 65 inches; height with handlebars attached is adjustable between 47-62 inches; height without handlebars is 30 inches.

Can the Carva be folded for transport?
Carva is designed for performance, and like performance bikes, we excluded hinges and folding joints which not only add weight but can be potential weak points in the frame. The Carva's handlebars are adjustable and removable for ease of transport in SUVs, vans, pickups, or it can be transported on standard bike roof racks (two trays required) and trike-specific hitch carriers.

How much assembly is required for the Carva?
There are a total of six steps in the assembly instructions, which could take 30-60 minutes to complete. Please see our Product Manual under Products.

What sizes do the Carva come in?
Carva only comes in one size, but it is designed to be ergonomically-adjustable to a wide range of body sizes.

What is the Carva's turning radius?
As short as 6 feet.

Can the Carva be ridden off-road?
Yes, Carva is intended to be ridden on pavement as well as wide dirt paths and fire roads that are commonly found in your neighborhood, local parks and recreational areas.

Can the Carva be used as an indoor stationary elliptical?
Yes, the Carva is designed to be compatible with most bike trainers (ie. Kinetic Rock & Roll).

Can I attach a child-carrying trailer or other types of cargo trailers to the Carva?
Yes, the Carva is designed to be compatible with most child-carrying trailers (ie. Burley D'Lite) and cargo trailers (ie. Burley Travoy).

Which Carva model is right for me?
That depends on what you want to get out of it. If you plan to ride around your neighborhood and you live in a relatively flat area, then the Carva S1 should serve you well. If you live in an area with moderate terrain then you might consider a Carva S7. The Carva SV would be for those that wish to tackle more hilly terrain or simply want the versatility of a continuously variable drivetrain. If you're shooting for long distances and are not sure whether you can make it back on your own, the Carva SE provides the option to power you the rest of the way.