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Carva™ is made by Grabtown, Inc., a company founded by a few guys that aren’t programmed nor have the discipline to work out in the gym.  Instead we get our exercise doing what we love outdoors, in the form of mountain biking and skiing.  We demand the best of the products we use for sports and recreation, and expect no less from products we put our name on. 

Carva is a Performance Mobile Elliptical that takes your favorite full-body, low-impact cardio exercise machine outdoors for the ride of your life!

Carva looks and rides like nobody’s business.  It has a raked and aggressive-looking frame that hugs the ground to provide optimum stability; cambered wheels fitted with knobby tires for gripping and carving tight turns on pavement or dirt; models featuring dual disc brakes for stopping, and drifting, power; a patent-pending Variable Resistance Lean Steer (V.R.L.S.) technology allowing you to customize your ride between Leisure vs. Sports mode; and ergonomically suited to a wide variety of body types and riding styles so that it can be ridden long and hard, comfortably.  This “special sauce” is uniquely ours.

We believe in FUN first – health will naturally follow.  See for yourself – it just takes one ride!